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How Prototyping can help you as an HR professional

All kinds of hypes fly by for you as an HR professional. Just when you got used to employee engagement, this changed to employee experience. More and more demands are placed on you, the vitality of the employee is important, job satisfaction plays an increasingly important role, while your own resources do not grow with you. 

How do you deal with this? What can prototyping bring you, as an HR professional, to deal with these challenges? A top 3 of compelling questions with their answers. It’s time to prototype HR!

Adaptability and agility

Business Challenge: According to HBR. Agility is the biggest challenge for organizations. In a world where change is the only constant, agility is the key to success. If you want to become agile, you have to strive for adaptability. According to the World Economic Forum, adaptivity is the 2025 skill for employees. Sounds logical to me! But how do you do that?

Solution: Adaptability is the ability of individual organisms and societies to change or their ability to self-organize. Build up this adaptivity in people by teaching them a rhythm of change. Constantly create improvements for their work and learn from them.

Result: You create a change mindset in people, anchoring their change as a constant in their work. In this way they can quickly respond to both internal and external changes.

Improve vitality or job happiness, without pushing

Business Challenge: Vitality, lifestyle and job satisfaction are becoming increasingly important issues for HR professionals. But these are personal topics. Exactly how do you work with vitality of your employees without becoming too personal and not pushing interventions too much.

Solution: 93% of people indicate that they are able to work on these topics themselves. These are personal topics, so treat them as such. Start by offering employees space and time. Do not facilitate the solution, but facilitate the process. Give them a way to work on their vitality in teams and let them develop rhythmic experiments. By directly validating them, they know whether this suits them or not. If so, make a habit of it. Working step by step healthier or happier in a way that suits them. 

Result: The employees have become more autonomous. This has made them more vital or happier, step by step, in a made-to-measure way.

From transactional role to transformation

Business Challenge: Organizations want to become more people-oriented, this makes you more and more involved as an HR department. This is, of course, an excellent development. However, your department does not grow proportionally with this. As an HR department, resources are becoming increasingly scarce. You are being asked to work more effectively. But how do you do that?

Solution: The HR professional is increasingly able to play a role in the transformation of an organization. But a transformation is not something you do alone, it is a joint process. In order to organize the transformation, you can enable your employees themselves to pick up certain HR topics. This requires transparency and trust. By means of prototyping you can give your teams more ownership and share responsibility, step by step. 

Result: You develop shared leadership, create more understanding among employees and move responsibilities.

Start small, start NOW

Start prototyping! But make it easy and small, just start with one or two teams and become that human centric organization you like to be! 

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