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Accelerating World's Transition to the Future of Work

The last organizational change you'll ever need is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to the future of work. We believe in change by experiencing, in small tangible steps. We believe in prototyping. 

We are not living in a changing world but in a world of change. Change won’t be something that happens to you, but change will be the new standard. To adapt to the future of work an organization needs to be changing all the time.

Transform into a company that adopts change. No big reorganizations, but constantly evolve by using small experiments. No revolution, but evolution. Implementing trust, innovation, self-organization step by step. Create safety, dare to fail and include everyone. Start prototyping. Get the books, get certified, but most importantly: start. is a methodology, a platform and a community. To accelerate the world’s transition to the future of work. 

Prototyping.workbooks are coming

We are working hard on creating a set of workbooks. To help you start changing your organization, the way. It’s not your next business novel, it’s a workbook you want to keep with you at all times. Let us know you are interested and we will be among the first to read it.

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The Methodology

Get familiar with the way of changing your way of working. Change your organization in a fast pace and experiencing way. Get a deepdive in methodology.

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Get Certified

Wether you are starting and want to get familiar with the method, or you are an expert with years of experience in facilitating change. We have a certification for you.


Explore Platform

Dozens of practices from the most progressive organzations. Start changing the way you work today, get inspired by these practices. Start your last revolution by evolution.

Explore Platform

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Get Your Expertise Shared is on a mission to Accelerate world’s transition to the future of work.

Ready to take your expertise to the next level? Add a listing to and help others transform to the future of work. 

We are biased

So here are the words from some of our Community Members:

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Ready to accelerate?

Start contributing now! is on a mission to accelerate world’s transition to the future of work. And we need your help, your expertise. Did you use practice in you organization, share your feedback. Do you have best practices that might be interesting for others to learn from, add your listing.

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