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Why we started Prototyping.work

In the last couple of years, we’ve been helping clients with organizational change. All of them with a lot of energy and eagerness to change. We learned so much along the way. About what works and what doesn’t.

The most successful organizational changes prove to be by prototyping

From all the organizational changes we’ve seen. The most successful way proved to be by prototyping changes (improvements). But people find it hard to really understand unless they see a couple of examples. 

That’s why we started Prototyping.work. To inspire people to prototype improvements in their organizations by creating a platform for examples of organizational prototypes. And not just a couple of examples. No, we are creating a platform for everyone to enter and share their ideas. To get feedback on them and to improve their prototypes.

Let us know what you think via the comments below or our contact page.

The platform I wish I had when I was a Director.

Before I founded my own company, I was Managing Director at an IT consultancy firm. We believed that people with more Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy (inspired by Daniel Pink) would be happier, with all the benefits of happy people. But we didn’t know where to start, how to take the first step. Yes, there were a lot of inspiring stories or ‘best practices’. But none of them concise with explanation, like a playbook. That is what we decided to create.

We need your help

Are you a change agent in your organization, a consultant, an Organization Designer? Or whatever role you have to improve your organizations’ performance or way of working. We need your help. Share your experience by adding your experiments/prototypes to this platform. Or leave a review on the current prototypes!

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