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Kickstart your organizational prototyping with these 3 easy examples

Oh men, so much inspiration in the world to experiment with. This site is full of prototypes you can start with immediately. But maybe some of them are a little bit to hard to start with, maybe you want to start with some low hanging fruit.

That’s why we’ve selected three organizational prototypes, that everyone can start with. Easy ones. With not to many steps, and it doesn’t take long to see the results. That must sound interesting to you. And it is. 

3 easy organizational prototypes you can start with

The first one is so easy, it doesn’t even need an introduction. Take a moment for yourself and for your colleagues. By writing a profound appreciative letter to your colleagues, you let them know you appreciate them.

The next meeting you attend. Claim the first and the last couple of minutes of that meeting. And ask an open question like “with what feeling are you stepping into this meeting?”. Check this prototype out for a lot more examples to experiment with.

Ok. This one is doesn’t sound easy, but it can be. Start visualize al decisions that have to be made around you. Who does make these decisions, and why do they do that? 

Discover more

It doesn’t stop with only 3 organizational prototypes. There are a bunch more on this platform already, and the number is growing every week. Explore the latest easy organizational prototypes here.

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