6 Counterintuitive practices to improve your next meeting

In most organizations, meetings are the heartbeat of the organization. And that is unsurprising. Because most of the decisions are made in meetings. Most of the actual work is originally decided upon in meetings. So we all became meeting tigers. Some of us have more meetings a week, than actual productive work. ‘But hey, what can you do about it?’. 

Well, a lot! As you may know, prototyping.work is a collaborative platform with practices to help you change the way you work in small steps (prototypes).  In the last couple of months a great number of practices are added to the platform, focussing on improving meetings. This blogpost will help you guide through a couple of them. 

The practices we’ve selected may feel counterintuitive. They may feel scary or even non-effective. But try them. Design your own prototype with them and test it for yourself. 


Try these counterintuitive practices to improve your meetings


1. Stop meetings for a month

How many meetings did you have last week? How many of them were valuable to you? My guess is, not all of them. Now stop the least valuable meeting for a month, find out what happens!

2. Design Team Roles

What is the purpose of the meeting? What is the purpose of our team and how does this meeting contribute to that? What is everyone’s role on the table during the meeting? All good questions you can answer during a session to design the teamroles.

3. Open up all calendars

Make scheduling a breeze, open up all calendars. It can be an easy step, or a really hard one. It definitely makes scheduling a breeze because you immediately see the availability. But it also gives a lot more transparency, in your team, department or organization. But be careful, it might bring some discomfort, discuss why this is an important step.

4. Decide how to decide

There ar so many ways to decide. But what is the best way to decide on the topic your team have to make a decision on. For example: have you thought how collaborative or fast you want to be? Or how hierarchical or transparent? No? Decide how to decide, a great tool you can use right away.

5. Check-in and check-out

The next meeting you attend. Claim the first and the last couple of minutes of that meeting. And ask an open question like “with what feeling are you stepping into this meeting?”. Check this prototype out for a lot more examples to experiment with.

6. Post-mortum analysis

If it’s still hard to find real improvements. Take your time with the team and look back at the meetings. Find the real reason the meetings are not effective, fun or productive. 

Start now with these practices

You see. A lot of these practices you can start with right away. To help you out we’ve created a canvas to design your own prototypes. Download the Prototyping.Work Canvas and start designing these prototypes for your organization. Do you want more guidance and inspiration, perhaps you might consider to attend a session.


The Prototyping.work Canvas

Use the Prototyping.work canvas to turn great ideas in to real tangible organizational prototypes. It’s Free.

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It doesn’t stop with only 6 practices. There are a bunch more on this platform already, and the number is growing every week. Explore the latest practices to improve your meetings.

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Edwin van der Geest

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