Actionable NPS

Getting the most out of your NPS

Do you already measure the NPS of your employees? Great! And what do you do based on the results? In this article, we’ll tell you how to get the most out of your NPS measurement by making it action-oriented.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most popular methods to measure feedback from customers, users and employees. At its core, the NPS shows the relationship between those who are enthusiastic about a service or product and those who are indifferent or disappointed. The higher the better.


Many organizations measure NPS scores and that provides very valuable information about the development of your popularity. However, a NPS measurement in itself is not yet action-oriented. Because what can you do now to improve your NPS score?


Do you already measure NPS in your organization? Great! And what do you do based on the results?

Automated NPS measurement

A one-time measurement is just a snapshot. That’s interesting, but it doesn’t help you much in terms of opportunities for improvement. So first of all, make sure that your NPS data is continuously flowing in. This can be done in a rhythm of months/quarters or continuously after direct interaction with your organization.

An automated NPS measurement is therefore important. That way you can continuously collect your data. You could do this in many different ways and it depends very much on the situation. But nowadays you can automate almost anything. We have set up a Zapier flow for a number of customers in their specific case. But perhaps your software already has its own support for automation.

This is how you make your NPS measurement action-oriented

A continuous NPS measurement is great: you can see in real time where you are and how you are developing. Of course you can also benchmark yourself against other organizations in your industry. Only this all remains quite passive: You follow the NPS development – but how do you ensure that your NPS improves?

The NPS data alone doesn’t give you any idea how to improve your score. Suppose you are an employment agency and you conduct an NPS survey among your temporary workers about you as an employer. You call this an employeeNPS or eNPS. You reach an eNPS of 21. Fine, but how do you get to an eNPS of 23, 30 and ultimately 85+? And where do you start to increase your score? Is it smart to adjust your onboarding process? Or should you offer more training opportunities? Or would a better work schedule make people more enthusiastic? And which of these is the most important?

To answer this question, you need in-depth substantive questions. In addition to your general NPS question, make sure that you also ask questions about relevant substantive themes. In the previous example with flex workers, you could ask in-depth questions about salary, communication, the onboarding process, the organization of the commuter, the circumstances at the client organizations, etc. Based on this data, you can identify those themes, on which you already score well and which you can improve quickly. If you also answer which themes your target group finds most important, then you know what you can work on to increase your NPS.

NPS Score

Keep looking from the perspective of your target audience

In order to find the best areas for improvement, it is extremely important that you have integrated all themes in your measurement that your target group finds relevant. Otherwise you might have some good ideas but miss the most important points and still not get your NPS boost.

But what can you do if you doubt whether you know all the themes? Then don’t just come up with something yourself, but keep looking from the perspective of your target group. And if you don’t know them, you can get to know them with Rapid Research: Talk to a number of people from your target group and ask them what they find important. Listen and ask until you really understand what they think is important. After five to ten good interviews or workshops you will have a reasonable picture and you can identify themes that your target group finds important. Based on these themes, you can formulate questions and build a powerful survey that provides you with relevant data.

For example, when we researched happiness at work and ambassadorship at employment agencies, we first did a number of workshops with a total of more than 20 people, in order to identify the relevant themes among the target group. With the subsequently formulated survey questions, we were able to identify concrete ideas for improvement and ultimately achieve an eNPS increase of 59%.

NPS as a growth strategy

When you as an organization use NPS, you will gain insight into the ambassadorship of your customers and/or your employees. And you can take action on the areas for improvement. With the growth of NPS you can almost guarantee that the retention of your customers and employees will also increase. And you can also actively develop a growth strategy accordingly. By including your NPS as a KPI in your dashboarding, you can predict the development of growth, as it were. In this way, your NPS itself becomes an important steering instrument.

People21 is an employment agency that deploys this growth strategy and manages the eNPS among their temporary workers. From Prototyping Work, we helped create insight into the eNPS and take action on it. By using prototyping, the organization transformed step by step towards a data-driven focus on happiness at work and ambassadorship among temporary workers. Within six months, People21 achieved a 59% increase in eNPS among agency workers.

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