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Welcome to The Rookie Minds as our first Partner

We’ve got something great to share with you. We are expanding our impact. Not in the traditional sense, by adding new employees. But by creating an ecosystem. An ecosystem with experts, progressive organizations, partners, and member. All this is driven by the mission to accelerate world’s transition to the future of work. And for that we are excited with the following.

We are proud to announce our first partnership! The Rookie Minds. An Utrecht (Netherlands) based consultancy firm with a mission to humanize the future of work. They have the same mindset as prototyping.work, and strongly believe in the prototyping way of improving organizations.

The signing of our partnership took place in zoom, because of the current situation due to COVID-19. But that didn’t make it less of a party. 

Together with Prototyping.work we are on a mission to reshape the future of work. With the methodology we can help ouR clients to not only embrace change but be the change. Enjoy the experiment. We love it!

About The Rookie Minds

The Rookie Minds is a group of curious professionals from all walks of life. Brought together by their shared believe that if they are able to look constantly at the world through rookie eyes everybody will be able to contribute passionately to something that really matters now!

They are not tied to one place, they will not restrict themselves to the confines of an office space and they sure as hell won’t let themselves get trapped in the familiar hierarchical pyramid. Instead, they embrace their freedom and flexibility and have collectively created a fully self-organized, distributed organization. By using the experiences of their own ongoing developmental journey, they are always looking to give work a more human impulse.

Find out how The Rookie Minds can help you.


A match at first sight. Their rookie mindset is on top of their niche expertise. I love the way they are humanizing the workplace.

Partner onboarding training

To kickoff this special partnership, we started with the Certified Partner Training, on which 10 Consultants of The Rookie Minds participated. It was an immersive workshop spread across 4 sessions in 4 weeks. With a mix of theory and practice, every session had a specific focus. Following the path of the prototyping.work methodology.

Result: 10 Certified Members at The Rookie minds. So if you are in search for specialists, who can facilitate change, the Prototyping.work way, make sure to contact them.

We have certified training for every need. Whether you are an experienced change agent or you are just getting started.

Prototyping.work ecosystem

With the introduction of The Rookie Minds as our partner, we are kicking off our Prototyping.work Ecosystem. A network of specialized organizations, Change Agencies, Trainers, Solution Providers and Universities. Because we believe in the power of our network, in order to fulfil our mission: Accelerating World’s transition to the Future of Work.

Our ambition is to grow an ecosystem where every partner, member, and profesional can thrive. By collaborating with each other, helping others, and sharing knowledge. We can’t wait to introduce more partners to the ecosystem.

Prototyping.work partnerships

We believe the best transformations are born from collaboration. That’s why we created prototyping.work as an open and collaborative platform for everyone. And now we’ve built a partner program to make it easier to work with us, and to innovate with us. Prototyping.work Partner Program is for Change Agencies, Trainers, Solution Providers and Universities that want to guide their clients transform to the Future of Work.

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