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Everybody is talking about Zappos, Semco, and Netflix as progressive organizations to work. We love to hear about them, and the media is writing about them a lot. But these cases don’t fit all companies. We are also interested in other stories as well. Stories from local organizations, companies that have different company sizes, and companies that work in all sorts of industries. We love to share all these stories with the world. Well, finally, it’s here.

For over a year, we are sharing the practices from the most progressive organizations. The number of practices is growing every week, so is the number of members. A clear indication for us, to know that we are on the right track. We have a growing list of ideas and possible new functionalities. And we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t validate it with our community. We are eating our own dog food here; we prototype a new functionality.

One of those ideas we had for a long time was a database of progressive companies. You can browse and search through the same way you can do now with practices. That idea was on the shelf for a while. When we came across a post mentioning exactly this, in the wonderful community of Reinventing work, was the trigger for us to speed things up.

Early launch of this section

So, here we present to you the new section of prototyping.work. With the most forward-thinking organizations out there. You can be inspired by their stories which we are enriching with videos, articles and science reports. And of course, if applicable, they are linked to relevant practices.

As mentioned, this is an early launch, so this is only a fraction of the whole list. We are going to add lots more, but we need your help with that as well. We will tell you how, later on.

You can browse organizations by:

  • Name
  • Category (Known for)
  • Region
  • Type (F.E. Privately held or Non-profit)
  • Size (Nr of employees)
  • Industry 
  • Year founded

The latest progressive organizations

These are only the last 5 added tot the list. But we are planning to add so much more with your help. So explore the list and add the missing organizations.

We need your help!

As mentioned, this is a very early launch. And we need your input, together we can create the best collaborative overview out there. You can help us in a couple of different ways:

  • Share your feedback on this new section. You can do that in the comments section below, via LinkedIn or in our Slack community.
  • Add new progressive organizations to the list. In the upper right corner you can add listings to become a prototyping.work contributor.
  • Share this post with your network. And let them know we started this new section.
Let’s grow this beautiful list of organizational trailblazers together.

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