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Danny Smits

Prototyping Work has taken our team to the next level. Convenient applicable tools in combination with energy. Topics that were unmentionable in the past or were simply too much dust on the shelf are now being tackled with conviction.

Danny Smits, Developer

What an insight this has given us into the organization and different teams. In times when we have a lot of focus to work the way we work, this has led us to think beyond that. Change can sometimes be scary, but as we learned, change is fun and challenging.

Arjen Boone, Project Manager

Most recent Cases

Mar 09
59% NPS increase among agency workers in 6 months by prototyping

Summary Finding and retaining temporary workers are increasingly difficult for staffing agencies. The result is a lot of expensive recruitment efforts and difficult planning due to constant shortages. Temporary employment group People21 has a fresh vision of these challenges and wanted to do something about them. The question: How do we increase the job satisfaction […]

Apr 09
32% more autonomy at Yellowstar by starting small

Summary As an IT organization, Yellowstar puts people at the center  in the markets of manufacturing, trade, retail and logistics. And with success. The organization is growing rapidly in a fairly traditional market. This growth created the necessity for an innovative view on Yellowstar’s organization. Inspired by self-managing frameworks, the management team wanted to increase […]

Mar 08
Soaring Employee Satisfaction at Funda during Covid

It all started with a tweet: Quintin Schevernels, CEO of Funda, shared how proud he was that amidst the Covid pandemic, Funda employees had just returned the highest score in employee engagement ever. We were excited to hear this and set up a Clubhouse session with Quintin to learn from him. That turned out to […]

Jan 04
How Incentro increased their engagement by 13.5%

Summary As an IT consultancy, Incentro aims for happiness. Because of high competition for good IT people, they wanted to increase the happiness and engagement of the employees. They saw self-management as a means to achieve this. Pushing through this new way of working in a management style resulted in the opposite: people became disengaged. […]

Feb 04
Self-organized to 100% customer satisfaction

There is something about this company. This is the thought repeating in the head of Ilja Heitlager from Schuberg Philis now almost 11 years ago. The current CIO (the I stands for Innovation) tells about his first connection with the company. He shares with us why he wanted to work at this company so desperately, […]

Nov 29
This self-managed company moved to a new office, with all 50 employees involved

Imagine, you’re entering an old office building. From the outside a historic building, on the inside, it wasn’t all that pretty anymore. After you entered the building, you see lots of colours, a suspended ceiling, and a counter. If you walk up the stairs onto the next floor, you see nothing more than desks and […]

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