Get moving! Let's do a project together

Get moving! Let's do a project together

Prototyping helps you to improve your organization step by step. Let us help you to get in motion!

Start with the Prototyping.Work kickstarter or let us start a project together.

This is what others have to say about our services

Danny Smits

Prototyping Work has taken our team to the next level. Convenient applicable tools in combination with energy. Topics that were unmentionable in the past or were simply too much dust on the shelf are now being tackled with conviction.

Danny Smits, Developer

What an insight this has given us into the organization and different teams. In times when we have a lot of focus to work the way we work, this has led us to think beyond that. Change can sometimes be scary, but as we learned, change is fun and challenging.

Arjen Boone, Project Manager

Why work with us

Learn prototyping

Teach your employees to prototype. Train them and help them to be successful.

Change faster

We will help you to take that first step. Make your employees brave, so they dare to change.

Get engaged

Including everybody, so your employees get more engaged. This will make you successful.

Do it yourselves

Our mission is to make ourselves replaceable. Training facilitators, so you can do it yourselves.

Choose Your Project

Choose Your Project

We offer different kind of projects. Start prototyping within your organization with our kickstarter project. Or create a movement within your organization. Or get the do it yourself option.

For each project applies: start small, start now!



Kickstart your change adventure. We will train or 3 teams and will get the ball rolling!


Do you want your organization to become more progressive? Start the change now!

Do It Yourself

We will give you the tools, so you can start prototyping within your organizations


Kickstart your change adventure! Prototyping can help you to achieve your goals faster. This is the easiest and fastest way to start. Set your goals and start the adventure. 



We are ready to transform your organization towards a progressive organization. We start small and make you reinvent it step by step. 

Do it Yourself

Do you want to transform you organization yourselves? We will get you ready to do so. Train the trainer and help them underway, so you can do it yourselves!

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Start small, start now

Get the change going

Kickstart your change adventure and become that progressive organization you like to be. Start prototyping your way towards your goals!

welcome prototyping

Our change Agents

Edwin van der Geest

Prototyping Genius

So much energy you have seen seldom in one man. Edwin is a real one man army. He will change your organization towards a progressive one in no time. 

Edwin van der Geest

Ben MacKenzie

Experimenting guru

Ben has seen it all: holacracy, sociocracy, self management, you name it! This guy will take your organization further. But, like always, the prototyping way: step by step.

Ben MacKenzie

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