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Taking the first step can be intimidating. We are here for you. To inspire you, energize you, and take you by the hand if needed. 

It remains your change adventure, but we help you to kickstart that journey with our services. 

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How we can help

Start Prototyping on your own

Learn what prototyping is all about. This is for the brave. Get the right skills to start the change!

Start Prototyping with your team

Get your team moving! Improve faster using small experiments, co-created within your team.

Start Prototyping as an organization

Become a progressive organization step by step, team by team. Create forward movement in your organization and unleash more energy!

You are unique

As much as we love inspiring stories and best practices. We believe that every single person and thus organization is Unique. Changing organizations and the people in them is complex. We understand that. Let’s chat about your situation and challenges. Our services will be tailor made for you!

Kickstart your change adventure

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If you’d like to start prototyping, this is the place to be. We offer all kinds of solutions to get you kickstarted! Start learning with the workbooks or dive in and start with a training!

Practitioner training

This will give you everything you need to start prototyping. You will learn and understand how to prototype and why it works using our evidence-based methodology.

Facilitator training

The real deal! This training is especially for facilitators who like to facilitate teams when implementing the Prototyping.Work methodology. 

Prototyping will help teams with many things. Become more engaged, productive and creative! Prototype your own unique way towards your goals. Learn how to get started with our kickstart or inhouse training.

Inhouse Training

Doing an inhouse training is the easiest and quickest way to get acquainted with the Prototyping.Work methodology. After the training, you will know how to continuously improve the way you work in your team.

Kickstarter Program

With the kickstarter program, your team members will be trained and guided by experienced change agents. The Prototyping.Work methodology will be explained and your team will learn how to prototype.

Progressive team

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Yellowstar prototyping

Progressive Organization

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Yellowstar prototyping

Do you really want to get moving? You are at the right address! We can help you enhance your company so you’ll move faster, improve faster. You’ll truly become a progressive organization!

We believe in “start small, start now”. This adventure will be taken step by step. Curious to know more? Check out our approach.

Kickstarter Program

This is an introductory kickstart program. We will start with just a few teams that are eager to start. We will train them to change with the Prototyping Work Methodology. 

Prototype Expansion Program

As a next step after the Kickstarter Program, we start the Prototype Expansion Program. In this Program, we help more teams to learn how to prototype.

Do It Youself Program

We train your internal facilitators and guide them to be the best change agents you have ever seen. In this Kickstarter program, your team of facilitators will be guided in kickstarting and facilitating teams, using the Prototyping.Work methodology.

What others say

We sure love to tell you what we can do for you. But it’s even better to hear it from others.


The prototyping method works very well for me. It is a fresh and energetic approach to a lot of elements I know from Lean. We are rapidly making small changes within my team and my organization. The enthusiasm in which Prototyping Work takes you into the matter is contagious.


With their great applicable knowledge and, above all, good energy, they have ensured that my team uses prototyping to set in motion the changes that had previously come to a standstill. For me, the most decisive reason to join Prototyping was to continue this form of change from the place where the most knowledge in the area of change is located. Prototyping has given us a new basis for innovation, in which truly everyone can participate under their own steam.

Not sure yet?

Start smaller and check out our introduction tasters

Our Prototyping Tasters are digital sessions where you can experience the methodology first-hand, alone or with your team. We will explain the methodology in more depth than described here and give more attention to your specific needs.

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Start prototyping with your Team

Become a Progressive Team with our Inhouse Training or Kickstarter Program. Fill in the contact form below to find out about the different options. We'll get back to you as quick as possible!


Start prototyping with your Organization

Become a Progressive Organization with our Kickstarter Program, Prototype Expansion Program or Do It Yourself Program. Fill in the contact form below to find out about these different options. We'll get back to you as quick as possible!

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