Start Measuring, before and while you are prototyping

Before you set your goals, get some insights first. Use these instruments to measure the state where your organization is in. And see the effects of your changes!

# Measurements


We know you like to change as fast as possible. But do you really know where you stand now? Do you already analyzed where your current organization is right now? Start measuring all kind of factors like culture, structure or your employee engagement. Learn and set new goals.

Create the insights you need to change

Start measuring the things that are important!

When you like to transform towards a progressive organizations, getting some insights can really help. Start with the topics below and learn how you are doing, so you can start changing tomorrow!

Less complexity

We need less complexity and a culture to match. Culture is one of the most important aspects of your company.

So even more reason to know what kind of culture your company has. Start by measuring your company and set some goals what you like to achieve.


The world is changing fast. To coop with this change, innovation is a way to keep up. Changing to an innovative climate is the only way to do so.

Creativity is positively linked to innovation, that’s a proven fact. Start measuring your creativity and use the practices below to boost your innovation.

People centric

It’s time to become people centric! The more you put your employees on #1, the better they will perform. The motivation and the commitment to your company can grow when your co-workers are more engaged.

Start measuring the engagement within your organization and set some goals. 

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