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The essential workbooks for teams and organisations that want to change the way they evolve. These workbooks contain easy-to-use tools, real examples, and concise steps to start prototyping.

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Jan Dirk
Jan DirkWorks at Philips
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I love the energy and practicality of the Workbook, I can't wait for the next one.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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If you are a Change Agent. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity. RTFM from now on stand for "Read The Freaking Masterpiece"
John Doe
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All this knowledge packed in such a practical guide, I love it.
John Doe
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At the price of not even an hourly rate, you are not only getting 1 workbook, but 3. So much wisdom in these handcrafted workbooks.

"Our change projects fail over and over,
but we have no idea why."

Hi! I’m Edwin van der Geest, a change agent who used to be managing director at a successful IT Company. And I heard a lot of colleague managing directors and change agents talk about “our change projects fail over and over but we have no idea why”. Our changes did work successfully but, back in that time, we had no idea why either. And now we do. Because change didn’t happen to my employees, they initiated and where part of the change.

Prototyping.Work is founded based on the belief that successful change only can happen in a constant and participatory manner. Don’t force old fashioned (and proven unsuccessful) ways of changing to your employees, but invite them to lead and be part of it. 


<explanation about who we are as, and why we do what we do.>

Take small steps, not large steps

Here is an example that perfectly illustrates why it’s good to take smaller steps. If you think about it, it’s obvious.

<example that strikes, is familiar for everyone etc. Such as something like changing a way of working for an entire department, only later to realise that won’t work because of some obscure reason>

Most change frameworks are projects, not processes

<2-3 sentences why this is a bad thing>

We built a methodology that facilitates change as a process. All our combined experience comes together in this methodology.

Prototyping.Workbooks explain all you need to know about our methodology and help you to put it into practice, step by step.

Coert Prins
Ben MacKenzie
Edwin van der Geest

What we put inside our workbooks

You won't just read it. You'll be guided while applying it!

At first, we planned to write a book about our methodology. However, we soon realised that applying all the lessons, tips, inspiration, exercises and examples yourself can be immensely difficult. And not only that, it would mean another management literature talking about change, but not actually help you. 

That’s why we decided to make three workbooks instead. Each one tackles a different part of the process and guides you through with concise steps, easy exercises and examples that inspire.

The steps

<explanation about how many steps we have, what they roughly cover, if you can stop halfway and pick up the next day, who can go through them, etc>

We’ve developed a growing number of tools and exercises you’ll love. To innovate the way you work

The exercises

<explanation about the exercises>

Learn from real-life examples. And get inspired by insider tips from the expert in their field.​

Inspiring examples & Insider tips

Got stuck during the process? Don’t worry, we got you covered with inspiring and real-life examples. Learn from actual teams who’ve done what you are about to do. 

And if that doesn’t get you going we’ve asked dozens of experts in the field, share their insider tips with you. From Coert Prins, to Ben MacKenzie. And from Erwin Lengkeek to Edwin van der Geest. 

Print-friendly canvasses

From one post-it to an actual tangible and ambitious plan in a manner of minutes, not hours or days. That is what a Canvas potentially can do for you. Canvasses are great tools to guide you through a thought process.

We’ve created A3 sized canvasses for you to print and use in your team sessions.

Extra curated content

There is so much more valuable content out there. And we’ve collected and curated the most valuable ones for you. 

Links to great articles and practices to keep reading and get inspired.

How the Prototyping.Workbooks will transform the way you approach changes at work

How the Prototyping .Workbooks will transform the way you approach changes at work​

The Prototyping.Workbooks are a great way to experience the power of the methodology. For leaders, HR professionals, and change agents who want to ignite a transition in their organisation. A transition to becoming a progressive organization. We believe that transition starts with a Tension. Which is the gap between where you are and where you want to be. But more importantly, it’s the kickstart of your change adventure!

.Workbook series

Follow The Tension

Find the one thing that is holding you back. This is the kickstarter for your change adventure. Once you have this, it will never leave your side. Use it to find opportunities for improvements, gather learnings, or to chase the obstacles.

Coming Soon

First quarter of 2021

This is where the magic happens. Be brave. Design your prototype. We will guide you to your best possible prototype.

Coming Soon

Second quarter of 2021

The power is in the rhythm. Consistently looping the steps and you’ll become the progressive org/team you’d like to be.

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Frequently asked questions

What format are the files?

The formats will be in PDF, if you need other formats let us know.

What will I receive?

You will receive a folder with even more folders. In one of those folders you will find a link to your Gumroad account.

Can the price be lowered? Are there discounts?

At the price of not even an hourly rate of an average management consultant, with so much knowledge and guidance. And you still want to lower the price. We would love to learn from you. Sent us why you want a lower price and we will discuss the possibilities.

When are the second and third workbooks coming?

Steam is coming out our keyboards, we are working hard to deliver the first editions of those books as well. We are aiming for end Q1 for the ‘Design your Prototype’ Workbook and Q2 for the ‘evaluate & learn’ Workbook. But we will keep you posted. Subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss out.

Are you planning on making a physical book?

We have so much planned to do, and a physical book is one of them. It’s not actually on the roadmap at the moment, but let us know you want a physical copy. So we know what the demand for that is. 

What if I don't like the workbooks?

Wow, that is harsh. But thanks for the feedback. Let us know why this occurred, we want to learn from you. And in return, we promise to do our best that you’ll like our workbooks (again). If you don’t have faith in us either, you can email us and we will have a look at a refund.

Can I get more help with the methodology?

Of course, you can! We are at your disposal. We offer open taster sessions and open training, learn more about that here. And we can help you in company as well, with coaching, facilitation and workshop sessions.

I got a receipt, but can I also get an invoice?

An invoice? Is that still people ask for? Ok you can, let us know.

Can I share the workbooks with someone else?

Good question. We prefer that you share this page with someone else. And through our referral program, you can arrange a discount for them as well. But by sharing the workbooks with others, we are not able to maintain and improve the contents of it. We need your help, to help us helping you.

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