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Hapte Kroes

“I would recommend this to all people in an organization who want to achieve something. It makes ideas visual, concrete and understandable. It triggers communication and that is how you start forming a shared goal.”

Hapte Kroes

“In workshops I try to stimulate participants to think big, but start small. This canvas really helps with that. It contains all elements: the why, the who, the how, the what and participants are able to fill it in themselves.”

Lisanne van Nieuwkerk

Lisanne van Nieuwkerk

What can you expect?

Grab your tension

Your tension is the starting point. What is holding you back?

Get understanding

Create context. Why is this a tension? Are there others feeling this tensions? Really understand it!

Validate & learn

This is your opportunity to validate if this tension is felt by others as well. Pick up the phone and start validating.

Reframe tension

You can do better. With all the context you create, this is your chance to reframe the tension.

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Why Use the Tension Canvas

Don’t hesitate. If you want to make a positive impact in your company, download Tension Canvas and start creating context.

Coert Prins

From the author

The Prototyping.Workbook trilogy will make it even easier for you to really embrace the prototyping way of working within your company. Every company will need to start prototyping at some moment in their life, and this is the easiest way to become familiar with it in an easy and interactive way.

Coert Prins

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