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Together we can help even more organizations around the globe to become more adaptive. As a partner, you will get all our tools and knowledge to make organizations more progressive.

What our partners say

Our partnerships is a real WIN WIN situation. First we start to measure happiness with our happiness scan. Second, we use the Prototyping Work methodology to start the movement within the organization. This combined proposition is making people happier every single day.

Kim Hooiveld, Founder

Our relationship with Prototyping Work is more than a partnership. Prototyping Work not only trained our consultants, we are also doing sales and assignments together. Making it valuable for both parties!

Merlijn Mazairac, Founder

Why become a partner

Making impact

Transform organizations towards the future of work. Make them better to work for and work with.

Creating a story

Put yourself on the radar for organizations that want to change for the better. Ready to start the transformation!

Helping each other

We will help you with your first client projects so you can facilitate them even better.

Publishing results

Research and publish our combined findings. Making it clear that we are on a mission to accelerate towards the Future of Work!

Who can become a partner?

You don’t have to be a big agency to become a partner of Prototyping Work. Experts and independent consultants can also join the movement.

Team work prototyping


Reinvent organizations with us! As a change agent, scrum master, agile coach, or other facilitator you can become an expert partner.


Start prototyping with your customers using the Prototyping Work Methodology. Together we will create a joint proposition, recruit new customers, and make them progressive!

Educational Institute

We love to share our thoughts and do research together. As an educational institute, add our methodology to your curriculum or start a research project together. We are here to share!

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