Our Story

We are obsessed with
– people-centricity.
– simplifying complexity.

We believe that organizations can thrive in these fields if they become adaptive. This will help to fully unleash employees potential.

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More than 20 years of combined experience at Incentro, one of the most progressive organizations on earth. We don’t just say that: Brave New Work and Corporate Rebels agree.

Implementing Agile

Incentro, a flat organization. We were there when Eckart Wintzen’s cell model was introduced. An organizational structure that ensures that autonomy and trust are central. We also implement this adaptive way of working at our customers: major digital transformations where we already started using scrum and agile in 2010.

Becoming rebels, always fighting the status quo

2010 - 2013

Where did it originate?

People-centric is our credo

2014 - 2015

People centricity

Great Place to Work #1​

Inspired by Ricardo Semler, we focused on job satisfaction. In no time we became Great Place to Work number 1. That’s when we decided we didn’t need to hold onto this knowledge, we needed to share it.

Sharing our thoughts​

We climbed stages, did knowledge sessions, keynotes and roundtables. We inspired organizations around us to take this step as well. We were the proof that you could do it too.

Prototyping Work is born!


The world slowly began to see the importance of putting your employees first. We had to develop ourselves further. We introduced self-management.

Our biggest lesson​

This is where we learned our biggest lesson. If you want to change to a different organizational model, you have to do so using the methods of that model. Step by step, using this newly developed method, we made the transformation to self-management.

Reinventing our own organization

2016 - 2017

Trust & autonomy

Sharing our knowledge and experiences


Start of Prototyping Work

We arrived!​

We have become what we wanted to be. Engagement sky high, performance superb and adaptive as a tornado. But all around us, we still saw bureaucracy killing ideas, people being disengaged, bullshit jobs galore.


We left Incentro to bring our experiences and knowledge into the world. Our platform came into being. Prototyping Work was born! A collection of the practices that progressive organizations use to transform.

Helping organizations

We started helping organizations and learned that copying our practices does not work for every organization. We gathered more inspiration and developed our method further.


We worked with The Ready, Keytoe and Corporate Rebels. Diving into Holacracy, gaining knowledge of S3.0. Validating and optimizing the method along the way.

icp prototyping
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Helping organizations


Validation of the method

The methodology has proven itself!



Prototyping Work works!

We shared our knowledge on an even larger and broader level. Organized our first training and tasters. Our first partners joined. So we can really accelerate the transition to the future of work!

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