Established in 1984, Haier Group is a world-leading provider of solutions to beautiful life. In the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, Haier always upholds the principle of “prioritizing people’s value”. Mr Zhang Ruimin, chairman of Haier Group Board of Directors and CEO, proposed the Rendanheyi Model, whose contemporary features, universality and social characteristics have achieved trans-industry and trans-culture fusion and duplication.

Haier’s unchangeable concept gene not only guides every employee’s development, but also restrains their value. The concept gene of “Customers are always right while we need to constantly improve ourselves” demands that each employee should have the two spirits of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The spirit of doing pioneering work is entrepreneurship; Haier encourages each employee to have entrepreneurship; change from being managed into independent management and becomes the CEO of their own.

The essence of innovation is to create new value. And the creation of new value originates from creating new users.

Haier is known for their flat organization model where empowerment is really high. Next to their structure, Haier is also able to innovate really quick and effectively thanks to dedicated and engaged employees.

We love Haier! This is what their CEO has to say: "Run more trials and replicate the most successful ones faster, because revolutionary goals are best achieved through evolutionary means".

We couldn't say it better!

  • 10,001+ employees
  • 1987
  • Public Company
  • Consumer Goods
  • team-level
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