Generous minds states that our world economy needs a paradigm shift. That’s why they created a revolutionary concept for boosting sustainable business: Generous Minds. An integration of worlds that are usually separate. Experienced consultants and impact investors joining forces in a unique and equal way.

The nice part about the company is that they only work for the good. Support sustainable initiatives that will change the world for the good. And they are really of the eat your own dogfood type. Their organization model is flat as it can be. There is no hierarchy, no management and everybody who works for the company owns a part of the company. Slicing the pie to the extreme.

Equity and honesty are the main focus for the company. In their own organization and with the customers they work for. That's why it's a certified B Corp as well!

  • 11-50 employees
  • Privately Held
  • Management Consulting
  • organization-wide
  • Radical
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