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Our manifesto

We are on a mission. Accelerating organizations to the future of work. Transform companies to companies that adopt change. We are a movement. We are gathering radical thinkers, organizational rebels and experimental coaches to make a difference. Inspire each other to change the conservative thinkers. We need you to join to movement. Let’s change organizations towards the future of work. Don’t be a part of the change, be the change!

So take matter is your own hand.  Embrace the Manifesto and unleash organizations. 



Everything starts with being curious. Before changing, discover the change. Seek for opportunities. Destroy the problems. Tensions are your guidelines. Purpose is your goal.



Have good intentions. Always.
There has never come something positive from being negative. Positive attitude positively correlates with the success of changes.
Be positive and stay positive. Only this will make your change work.



Like every human being, every organization is unique with its own culture and way of working. You are unique, be unique!



Dare! Experiment first and ask for forgiveness second. Don’t attach to your management structure, culture or employees, dare to change everything. Only by failure you can learn. We call that failing forward.


The change!

Change is in your hands. From there it grows. Everybody in the team has to have the opportunity to decide to join the change. Together you will succeed!

Apply this Manifesto in you organization

Do not wait any longer. You don’t have to. We developed a lightweight methodology everyone can use to start improving the organization, and never stop. Get your team together and start prototyping. Start your last organizational change.

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