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As an expert, you have even more possibilities to get the authority on the platform. By sharing even more of your knowledge you can create your own full profile. You will be able to add even more types of content. Next to the practices, you will be able to add blogposts and measurements. This can help you to tell more about your expertise and help other people to really get their transformation to the future of work moving. 

Last but not least, you can create a profile where your services will be shared. Your profile can be connected to your shared content. This will make it possible for visitors to get in contact with you and even hire you as an expert to for example perform a measurement. 

Also, you will be added to the community where you can connect with other experts in your field. Together you can discuss the content you like to share within the platform or what kind of events you like to organize. 

By connecting your name and services to these types of content. Being an expert will help you become a bigger authority yourself!


What will your expert status bring to the platform?


Share specified content

Next to the possibility to share your practices, as an expert, you are able to add blogposts and add measurements about your expertise. This is a free format setup that will give you the opportunity to really share your thoughts with the Prototyping,work network.


Share your profile

It will be possible to create a full profile with your expertise, your purpose and your values. Your services also can be added. And you can leave a full bio where you can leave all the information which will help people to really get to know you. 


Connect your services

When you share content, like a blogpost or a measurement, you can connect your services to these posts. This will make it possible to trigger visitors to a certain measurement or blogpost and get in contact with you to get to know more or even hire you as an expert. 

Explore all the content

Practices, events, measurements, blogs, organizations; content that can really help you going further as a organization. As an expert you have the possibility to add them all! Growing your authority.

What will the community bring you as an expert?


Connect with other experts

As a Prototyping,work expert, you will be added to the community of experts. Here you can get to know even more like minded people. This will give you the opportunity to share thoughts and get a bigger network in your field of expertise.


Your ideas on the platform

Together with the other experts, you will be able to come with ideas to implement on the platform. Do you see new opportunities for content, just share it with us. Once a quarter, will organize a retrospective with all the experts to share their thoughts.


Host training & events

It will be possible to organize and host your own events. Together with other experts from the community you can create events. Next to this, the events will be shared with the Prototyping,work community. Giving you the possibility to get even more authority.

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