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We believe in partnerships because we believe in the strength of specialization. We love to do what we do and we are extremely good at it. And so are you! We are building a network, a community of like minded people and organizations. By bundling our strengths, we can accomplish even more. That’s the reason we are connecting, training and helping educational, research and consultancy partners. 

Prototyping.Work is an institute: We are building and optimizing our methodology through research and training. Next to that, we are a movement: we strive to connect as many like-minded people and organizations as possible to our platform, to share their ideas and prototypes, discussing what works best for them.

That is why we want to work with you as a carefully selected partner. Together we can succeed in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to the future of work!



Your professionals are the main connection to the customer. They have to be energetic, courageous and empathic. Energy makes change more fun. 

Dare to change the organizations towards the future of work. Feel the vibe, be empathic and create synergy.

Together with our partners we explore The Future Of Work. We do that through exploring new practices and new ways of working. And also by sharing inspiring stories.



We believe there is always a win-win situation. We do not believe in exclusivity, be believe in partnerships. There is a lot of work to be done before we have transformed all organizations and we need as many like-minded people as we can think of.

We’ve integrated our collaborative culture into this program. The partner experience is an open dialogue that invites partners to team with and other partners, to create the best service possible for our customers.

Invest together


We believe in investing in our partnership. By working together from the start, forming the proposition, doing marketing and transforming the first clients, we help each other. We prefer only partners who are eager to make this a success!

The flexibility of our program offers partners the freedom to innovate and engage with in any way that drives their business and meets the needs of their customers. We are focused on accelerating our partnership as well.


We are a movement. We are gathering radical thinkers, organizational rebels and experimental coaches to make a difference. Inspire each other to change the conservative thinkers. We need you to join to movement to accelerate the change even faster. By joining our movement as a partner, you are committing to the Prototyping.Work manifesto and contributing to the mission. Let’s change organizations towards the future of work. Don’t be a part of the change, be the change!

The last organizational change you'll ever need is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to the future of work. We believe in change by experiencing, in small tangible steps. We believe in prototyping. And we believe in collaboration.

By working with your team in an iterative way, you are able to turn great ambitions into small tangible steps. Every iteration we follow the one thing that is holding us back from doing the best work of our lives. This tension is what we need to dive deeper into. We need more context and we need to reframe it. Based on the new perspective, we generate prototypes and experience (validate) if it’s successful. And last but not least, we adapt based on our learnings. is a methodology, a platform and a community. Become a partner and join us to accelerate the world’s transition to the future of work.

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Consultancy Partner

A Consultancy Partner is focussing on consultancy, implementing the methodology at your customers. He provides consulting and coaching services, transform customers to the future of work by guiding them through the evolutionary rhythm for change

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Research Partner

A Research Partners is our connection to measuring how organizations are doing. They use measurement tools to get information about how the organization is doing. They provide strong reports and insights to get them to change towards a better organization.

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Educational Partner

The Educational Partner is focussing on training and learning, teaching the methodology to its customers. Together with educational institutions like colleges, universities, but also e-learning platforms, we are evangelizing the world.

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