Get happier employees with

Get happier employees with

Your number one asset are your employees. Perform better as a company by focussing on employee happiness.

Prototype your way to incremental success!

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Let your employees prototype their way to happiness

Employee happiness is key when you like are heading towards a sustainable future. Measuring employee engagement is just the start. 

How can you become the best workplace in the world?

Prototyping empowers employees

A whopping 93% of employees say they are able to create a better workplace themselves if they had the chance.

However, it can be scary to give your employees all the freedom at once. With our methodology, you can start small and experiment your way to more engaged employees one step at a time.

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Make employees braver and increase engagement

Prototyping is an iterative and inclusive method to achieve a better workplace.

It will help your employees to adopt a change mindset and improve braveness. With these newly unlocked skills, your organization will start evolving constantly. Build a better workplace together, one step a time.

How Prototyping.Work will help

Introducing a new addition to an existing way of working can be daunting, but we're here to help!

Start small

Start small, but remember to really start! The first step is defining a tension and an experiment to solve this tension. See what works and what doesn't. Learn and continue.

Prototype with employees & managers

Prototyping works best when employees adopt the method, but to be really successful, managers also should join. Experiment with loosening control as it can result in shared leadership.

Respect the rhythm

Prototyping is not a project, it is a process. The methodology introduces a rhythm of change. Employees adopt prototyping in their daily way of working so that they can make a real impact.

Become the best employer in the world

The teams that adopted prototyping will slowly improve their happiness, engagement, effectiveness, and productiveness. A sustainable method that is good for both employees and their organizations!

Want to learn more about Prototyping?

Learn more yourself or book an introductory taster!

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Learn about Prototyping on our how-to page, our Methodology is explained here.

Do you want a digital introductory session instead?
Explore our taster session, where you can experience the methodology first-hand, alone or with your team.

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