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This canvas helps Reinvent Your Work

Have a lot of inspirations and ideas but struggling with how to transform that into a tangible experiment or prototype? Perhaps you just want to speed up the change in your organization? This canvas can help.

How it's Used

Design Prototypes

Every field in this canvas helps you design the best possible prototypes.

Get into action

This canvas helps you transform an idea into tangible and actionable steps.

Cultivate change

It starts with one prototype, but you can start a movement and cultivate change by continuously prototyping.

Scaling impact

Successful prototypes are ready to create even more positive impact. Design that up front.

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The canvas is for you

Don’t hesitate. If you want to make positive impact in your company, download the Canvas and start prototyping.

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From the authors

We designed this Canvas to convert all those great ideas and hunches into tangible prototypes. This Canvas is your ticket to reinvent your work. 


Downloaded & used by

Hapte Kroes

“I would recommend this to all people in an organization who want to achieve something. It makes ideas visual, concrete and understandable. It triggers communication and that is how you start forming a shared goal.”

Hapte Kroes

“In workshops I try to stimulate participants to think big, but start small. This canvas really helps with that. It contains all elements: the why, the who, the how, the what and participants are able to fill it in themselves.”

Lisanne van Nieuwkerk

Lisanne van Nieuwkerk

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