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Do you have a lot of inspiration and ideas but struggling to transform that into a tangible experiment or prototype? Perhaps you just want to speed up the change in your organization? The prototyping canvas will help you progress further!

What others say about the Canvas

ArjenWorks at Yellowstar
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Change can be scary, but this Canvas helps us to make change fun and step by step. It was energetic and fun to use.
KoenWorks at The Rookie Minds
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Prototyping Work gave me new ideas, insights plus a lot of energy! I highly recommend the Canvas and their methodology
JolienSenior Developer
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The Prototyping.work Canvas gave us a new basis for change, where everybody was able to change on their own terms.

How to use the Canvas

Design Prototypes

Every segment in this canvas helps you design the best possible prototypes step by step.

Get into action

It doesn't stop with an idea. This canvas helps you transform an idea into tangible and actionable steps.

Cultivate change

It starts with one prototype, but you can start a movement and cultivate change by continuously prototyping.

Scaling impact

Successful prototypes are ready to create even more positive impact. Design that up front.


The canvas is for you

Don’t hesitate. If you want to make positive impact in your company, download the Canvas and start prototyping.

How the Prototyping Canvas will help you

Introducing a new addition to an existing way of working can be daunting, but we're here to help!

Follow the Tension

A great prototype shouldn't stand on its own. It deserves a decent tension to resolve. So what is the one thing that is holding you back? What inspires you to improve in your team or organization. We've got you covered here as well, download the Tension Canvas.

Generate ideas

Next up, it’s time to dive into idea generation. Go into a brainstorming setting and generate a lot of ideas on how to solve the challenge. We recommend post-its or note app. Any solution that comes to mind should be written down. Big or small, Crazy or dull. It doesn’t matter.

Design your prototype

When you have enough ideas, it’s time to prioritize and start designing the actual prototype. Now turn a couple of ideas and hypothesis into a prototype using the prototyping.work canvas. Try to create a radical change in a not so radical scope. Make sure to keep the prototypes small and tangible.

Become prototyping master

Prototyping is not a project, it is a process. The methodology introduces a rhythm of change. You can adopt prototyping in your daily way of working so that you can make a real impact. The teams that adopted prototyping will improve their engagement, effectiveness, and productiveness.

coert prins prototyping work

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We designed this Canvas to convert all those great ideas and hunches into tangible prototypes. This Canvas is your ticket to reinvent your work by starting small. Start now! 

Team Prototyping.work

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