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Accelerating world's transition to the future of work

Our mission

Our vision

We are not living in a changing world but in a world of change. Change won’t be something that happens to you, but change will be the new standard. To adapt to the future of work an organization needs to be changing all the time.

Transform into a company that adopts change. No big reorganizations, but constantly evolve by using small experiments. No revolution, but evolution. Implementing trust, innovation, self-organization step by step. Create safety, dare to fail and include everyone. Start prototyping. Get the books, get certified, but most importantly: start.

This will be the last organizational change you will ever do!


What we do

Community Platform

Together with the community we are a platform full of practices, progressive organization and resources. And this all to help you reinvent the way you work, one step at a time.


Transform the way you work in participatory way and in an high pace. We are inspired by innovation and product development and created and tested our cutting edge methodology. And we are here to share it with you. 


We believe the best transformations are born from collaboration. That’s why we created prototyping.work for everyone. And now we’ve built a partner program to make it easier to work with us.

Running the numbers

Total Listings

We are adding new practices and progressive organizations every week. Inspired and contributed by our community of pioneers. Help us and make this the most comprehensive list for the future of work.

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Community Members

We are a fast-growing community of likeminded pioneers. Join the movement now.

Meet the team

Edwin van der Geest

Edwin van der Geest

Prototyping genius

Enthusiastic Organizational Designer on a mission: Unleashing Potential Energy!

coert prins prototyping work

Coert Prins

Coach & researcher

Accelerating organizations to the future of work at Prototyping.work

Community of Experts

Arie Drost

Arie Drost

future of hR

Lennard Toma on prototyping

Lennard Toma

Organizational Psychologist

Paul Baan

Coaching & Management

Lisanne van Nieuwkerk

Lisanne van Nieuwkerk

Experience Designer & teacher

Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet

Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet

Organizational futurist

Charlotte Vergouwen

Progressive HR structures

Merlijn Mazairac

conscious contracting

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We are eating our own cooking by prototyping along the way. We learn everyday. But most of all we learn from you. Contact us, let us know what you think. Share your feedback, recommendation or appreciation. We want to hear it all.

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