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We are on a mission. But we cannot do it alone, we need you. Learn more about us and join the movement.

Our Mission

Accelerating World’s Transition To The Future Of Work​

Our Vision

We are not living in a changing world but in a world of change. Change won’t be something that happens to you, but change will be the new standard. To adapt to the future of work an organization needs to be changing all the time.

Transform into a company that adopts change. No big reorganizations, but constantly evolve by using small experiments. No revolution, but evolution. Implementing trust, innovation, self-organization step by step. Create safety, dare to fail and include everyone. Start prototyping. Get the books, get certified, but most importantly: start.

This will be the last organizational change you will ever do!

Our Strategy

We believe in prototyping. Every organization needs to learn how to prototype, so they can change faster. We created a methodology to make it easier for every individual, team or company to start prototyping. Inspired by innovation and product development and created and tested our cutting edge methodology, ready to share it with you.

We believe the best transformations are born from collaboration. That’s why we created Prototyping Work for everyone. And now we’ve built a partner program to make it easier to work with us. Together with the community we are a platform full of practices, progressive organization and resources. And this all to help you reinvent the way you work, one step at a time.

Running the numbers


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New practices and progressive organizations are added every week. Inspired and contributed by our community of pioneers. Help us and make this the most comprehensive list for the future of work.

Prototyping Work is a fast-growing community of likeminded pioneers. Join the movement now.

Meet the team

Ben MacKenzie

Ben MacKenzie


Driven Leadership Expert with a passion: Enabling meaningful contributions

Edwin van der Geest

Edwin van der Geest

Prototyping genius

Enthusiastic Organizational Designer on a mission: Unleashing Potential Energy!

Erwin lengkeek

Erwin Lengkeek


Technical know all. Creates everything and anything, as long as it’s digital.

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