Prototyping work trello template

This Trello template helps Reinvent Your Work

We’ve created a Trello template for you. With almost all practices from Including a Kanban to start right away. 

How it's Used

Get inpsired

The latest practices from are already included. So you get inspired right away.

Get into action

From inspiration to actual action in one overview, now that is useful.

Cultivate change

It starts with one prototype, but you can start a movement and cultivate change by continuously prototyping.

Scaling impact

Successful prototypes are ready to create even more positive impact. Design that up front.

The Trello board is for you

Don’t hesitate. If you want to make positive impact in your company, use the Trello board and start prototyping.

Arie Drost

From the authors

We love Trello because it is so easy to use, we use it ourselves to stay organized. We designed this Trello board to help you get started. Get inspired by the practices and start iterating right away. 


These latest practices are included

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