Infographic on How to start prototyping your work

The gap between a desired situation and the current situation in your organization can feel enormous. So the natural reflex is to make a plan on how to get there. However, by creating a plan you cannot anticipate on the possible obstacles to come. What if you use the methods from the innovation department? Creating a smaller version of the desired situation and validate the hypothesis and impact. That is what we call prototyping!

It comes to no surprise that we love prototyping. In a lot of organizations we come, we have to explain how it works and how it can help everyone in the organization. So, we created this Infographic on how to start prototyping to Reinvent Your Work. 


Latest practices 

Are you inspired by the infographic and want to start right away? Browse through all the practices by our community and start prototyping in your organization.

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Edwin van der Geest

Edwin van der Geest

Chief Prototyping Officer at Prototyping.Work and Organization Designer. Edwin helps employees, teams and companies Unleash Potential Energy!

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