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“Responsive Organization” is a global movement aimed at (re)thinking our organizations in the era of digital and social technologies. In the movement, people from all over the world share their experiences and ideas on how concretely change the way we work towards more agility, transparence and open ness; in other words: how to be more responsive!

We explore the emerging ideas and practices of responsive, adaptable, evolving organizations. Small companies can get away with creative chaos, but chaos alone doesn’t scale. Once companies grow, there seems to be very little choice between organizational ‘operating systems’. The dominant org OS has been upgraded, fixed, and hacked, but in most organizations, work gets done despite it, not because of it. More and more organizations are replacing the traditional management hierarchy with more fluid and responsive ways of organizing. Valve, Zappos, Buurtzorg, Medium, Spotify, Morning Star, and Springest are just some of the examples of organizations that are reinventing how work gets organized in service of purpose. This meetup explores what we can learn from these and other organizations’ experiments and experiences, and how we can start reinventing and transforming our own organizations to be more responsive and purpose-driven.



NRG Circles

NRG Circles reinvented itself as a business in organizing around purpose. It has been almost three years when NRG Circles decided to implement the self-management tool Holacracy.



Dit is geen meet-up met een glorieus verhaal. Dit is een meet-up met de rauwe werkelijkheid van een moeilijk traject, waarin Hermen en Irene ook regelmatig tegenover elkaar zijn komen te staan. Zij zullen hierover vertellen op de meet-up van Responsive Organization in november 2019.




Shuberg Philis







Create your Responsive org

The world is changing faster and faster, and we know it. But organizations keep stuck in their old principles and ways of working. And when they do change, they do it based on their known principles. Once every couple of years. Audit/Analysis > Change Strategy > Plan > Implement. Overlooking the human factor and trying to ‘solve’ everything in once. That’s why we say don’t play chess, shoot like Angry Birds instead.

Don’t play chess
♖ Analysis paralysis
♖ Long and tactical change strategies
♖ Complex and complicated
♖ Keeping the hierarchies in place
♖Challenge stays the same: Chase the King

Shoot like Angry Birds Instead
🐦Eyes on the goal
🐦The target is the challenge (or tension)
🐦Shoot & miss: You’ll learn
🐦Adjust & shoot again: hit
🐦Next level: new challenge ahead

Don't play Chess, shoot like Angry Birds instead

Use the latest practices to create your responsive org


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previous Sessions


Brave new workshop

Aaron Dignan, organisation designer, co-founder of ResponsiveOrg and The Ready will be in The Netherlands for the Dutch book launch of Brave New Work.

22 august

KPN experimenting with Holacracy

About two years ago KPN started their transformation to the next step. Holacracy. KPN Technium created a two year long experiment regarding Holacracy. During their journey they created their own flavor, based on the experiments and learnings along the way.

22 august


Keytoe. Wie ze niet kent heeft afgelopen maanden geen nieuws gevolgd. Ze zijn een Marketing/IT club, maar kwamen vooral in het nieuws vanwege hun bijzondere manier van organiseren. In augustus lanceerde ze de Sentiment App. In november kwamen ze in het nieuws met hun zelfsturende ontslagronden en in diezelfde maand publiceerde ze hun boek ’99 problems but the boss ain’t one’. En Cedric en Lennard hebben ook een podcast vanuit de auto die veel onderwerpen raakt, genaamd Hoe Dan?!. 7 Februari

22 august

Incentro & Finext

Edwin and Jan-Dirk shared their story at Incentro and Finext.

People loved


Responsive org manifesto

There’s a reason we’ve run organizations the way we have. Our old Command and Control operating model was well-suited for complicated and predictable challenges. Some of these challenges still exist today and may respond to the industrial-era practices that we know so well. However, as the pace of change accelerates, the challenges we face are becoming less and less predictable. Those practices that were so successful in the past are counter-productive in less predictable environments. In contrast, Responsive Organizations are designed to thrive in less predictable environments by balancing the following tensions:  

More Predictable <-> Less Predictable

Profit <-> Purpose
Hierarchies <-> Networks
Controlling <-> Empowering
Planning <-> Experimentation
Privacy <-> Transparency

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