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25 july
22 august

Summer session (dutch)

Leer in 1 zomerdag hoe je jouw organisatie razendsnel verandert door te experimenten en te valideren. Maak direct positieve impact samen met je collega’s.

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“I can guarantee you that he will deliver on his promise. He will bring energy and he will encourage individuals, teams and organisations to operate in their sweet spot and develop their strength. If you need someone to challenge a status quo, someone who will shake things up and unleash potential energy, give him a call. You'll tap right into the energy that you, your team or your organisation are looking for."
Stef Lagomatis
Board member, Incentro
I have experienced Edwin as a very competent trainer. We, as a group of frontend developers, where struggling how to start with self-management. Edwin came in and we had a wonderful training about what the combined motives of our team where. And made it very clear how we could reach them. As a team, we were also a bit afraid of all the tasks that we have to do, but Edwin made it very clear that there was nothing to be afraid of nor that we could handle ourselves. All in all, I highly recommend Edwin as a highly motivated and positive trainer that is driven to get the best results out of teams.
Tom Sanders
Scrum Master & Agile Coach