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Jul 30
Your innovation lab as a start of organization change

We live in a changing world and mastering the skills to be agile and flexible makes your organization more future-proof. Creating you own innovation lab can be an accelerator for the changes you like to make within your organization. But when do you actually set up an innovation lab? In this article, we outline the […]

Jul 23
Self-management as the new normal

A vast amount of people are now working from home, more due to being forced than wanting to. They have to manage a busy schedule, setting up shop in their living room or kitchen. Some have to deal with being around their spouses 24/7 and home-schooling their kids. How do you fit in answering emails […]

Jun 18
Our white swan in the times of a black swan

When our Royal Airline KLM turned 100 years I wrote a blog “Bullshitting about your purpose is good too” about their ‘Fly responsibly’ advertising; I perceived this as something to push their brand without bringing it to the core of the organization as a higher purpose. Without rooting it, it would not be authentic and […]

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