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Mar 03
Where to start prototyping? Check the change readiness of your teams

Is your team ready to start prototyping? Or do you like to start in an organization, but you do not know where to start? Start measuring the change readiness within your teams with the Prototyping Work Ready Scan! This is your gateway towards prototyping within your organization.  What insights does the scan give you? The […]

Apr 13
Reboost the System

When thinking about how to reopen their offices after Covid restrictions, many organizations are trying to answer the wrong questions – make sure that you ask the right ones The Covid pandemic caused a massive disruption in the way we work. Regardless of industry, organizations had to rethink how they do business, trying to work […]

Jan 08
7 predictions for 2021 on way of working & organizing

The pandemic caused a lot of change. A big leap in digitization. We work more at home than ever, we order more than ever, we make video calls more than ever. And we’ve made a big leap in the way we’re organized and collaborate. We communicate in a different way, we are more agile and […]

Dec 17
How Prototyping can help you as an HR professional

All kinds of hypes fly by for you as an HR professional. Just when you got used to employee engagement, this changed to employee experience. More and more demands are placed on you, the vitality of the employee is important, job satisfaction plays an increasingly important role, while your own resources do not grow with […]

Nov 30
Our top 5 practices to bring more autonomy to your workplace

We see more and more organizations and leaders that want to give people more autonomy in their work – and of course we applaud that. If you want to give people more autonomy, questions soon arise: How do you start? Where can you give more autonomy, where should you be more careful? How can people […]

Nov 24
Our 5 best practices for improving work happiness

Of course, work happiness is a big topic and depends on more than just a few practices. So where can you start when you want to improve work happiness in your company? Here are five practices to go with. Research identifies four main areas that are important for work happiness. These are 1) the relationships […]

Nov 22
Start changing by stopping

Changing an organization is difficult, it takes a long time and usually does not have the result you had hoped for beforehand. And it often turns out that at least half of the colleagues are not waiting for this change at all. I sympathize with you, as do many directors, HR Business Partners and Change […]

Nov 06
Why Prototyping can help you to become more successful during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 makes everything uncertain. But is this the time to start changing the way you change? Yes, it is, and probably you already have. In this article, 5 reasons why you should start using the Prototyping.Work methodology right now and not wait till times are more certain. Because frankly; these times will not return. 1. […]

Oct 29
Congratz! You are a Great Place to Work! But now what?

As a former director of Incentro, former number one of the Great Place to Work awards, I learned an important lesson. Stop copying inspiring success stories, but copy the way you get there. Start your own adventure to become the next success story. Many times I’ve looked at the reports that came out of the […]

Oct 29
Prototyping your own way to happiness at work

By now you should be aware that you have one important asset: your employees! Cases like Southwest Airlines and Incentro prove that by putting your people first, you do achieve the results you aspire to. So measuring the happiness of your most important asset is something to take seriously. But what once you have those […]

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