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Sep 10
Prototyping.Work is expanding!

We just officially started Prototyping.Work, and now we immediately have good news! We are expanding! After 1 week we immediately have a growth of 50%. Ben MacKenzie joins Prototyping.Work. Ben has a background as a international leadership trainer and consultant. As co-founder of training & consultancy company subject: RESOUL, he has the ideal knowledge and […]

May 12
Welcome to The Rookie Minds as our first Partner

We’ve got something great to share with you. We are expanding our impact. Not in the traditional sense, by adding new employees. But by creating an ecosystem. An ecosystem with experts, progressive organizations, partners, and member. All this is driven by the mission to accelerate world’s transition to the future of work. And for that […]

Jan 31
Explore the most progressive organizations in the world

Everybody is talking about Zappos, Semco, and Netflix as progressive organizations to work. We love to hear about them, and the media is writing about them a lot. But these cases don’t fit all companies. We are also interested in other stories as well. Stories from local organizations, companies that have different company sizes, and […]

Dec 22
The 2019 prototyping.work year in review

What a year it has been. In the holidays around Christmas, it all started with an idea. ‘What if there was an Airbnb like platform, but then for practices, you can use to reinvent the way you work’. That idea got me so excited that I bought the prototyping.work domain name, installed WordPress and implemented […]

Dec 15
Why we started Prototyping.work

In the last couple of years, we’ve been helping clients with organizational change. All of them with a lot of energy and eagerness to change. We learned so much along the way. About what works and what doesn’t. The most successful organizational changes prove to be by prototyping From all the organizational changes we’ve seen. […]

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