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Mar 03
Where to start prototyping? Check the change readiness of your teams

Is your team ready to start prototyping? Or do you like to start in an organization, but you do not know where to start? Start measuring the change readiness within your teams with the Prototyping Work Ready Scan! This is your gateway towards prototyping within your organization.  What insights does the scan give you? The […]

Nov 22
Start changing by stopping

Changing an organization is difficult, it takes a long time and usually does not have the result you had hoped for beforehand. And it often turns out that at least half of the colleagues are not waiting for this change at all. I sympathize with you, as do many directors, HR Business Partners and Change […]

Nov 06
Why Prototyping can help you to become more successful during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 makes everything uncertain. But is this the time to start changing the way you change? Yes, it is, and probably you already have. In this article, 5 reasons why you should start using the Prototyping.Work methodology right now and not wait till times are more certain. Because frankly; these times will not return. 1. […]

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