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Feb 26
This is Organizational Debt and how to tackle it

We’ve always done it this way”, “that’s from before my time” and “no idea really”. All common answers to a question like “Why do you do this within your organization?”. And say it yourself, haven’t you already given such an answer? This is perhaps logical because you already have your plate full with the things […]

Feb 19
Organizations that work remotely: what makes them successful?

On most of the working days, I spend 16 hours in my bedroom. Next to sleeping, I work here. This can really break me up mentally. I won’t be the only one having this challenge? So I wonder, from a company perspective, what can really make a positive difference when working remotely? A deep-dive into […]

Jan 22
5 reasons why prototyping works so well in Digital Agencies and IT departments

We can all prototype. That is a given. Some organizations pick it up just a little faster than others. Take IT organizations as an example. There the adaptation of the method seems to be even greater. There must be a reason for that. We have investigated why this is so. Below are the top 5 […]

Jan 08
7 predictions for 2021 on way of working & organizing

The pandemic caused a lot of change. A big leap in digitization. We work more at home than ever, we order more than ever, we make video calls more than ever. And we’ve made a big leap in the way we’re organized and collaborate. We communicate in a different way, we are more agile and […]

Nov 30
Our top 5 practices to bring more autonomy to your workplace

We see more and more organizations and leaders that want to give people more autonomy in their work – and of course we applaud that. If you want to give people more autonomy, questions soon arise: How do you start? Where can you give more autonomy, where should you be more careful? How can people […]

Nov 24
Our 5 best practices for improving work happiness

Of course, work happiness is a big topic and depends on more than just a few practices. So where can you start when you want to improve work happiness in your company? Here are five practices to go with. Research identifies four main areas that are important for work happiness. These are 1) the relationships […]

Oct 13
5 learnings for you to let your employees decide their own salary

When you are a leader in a hierarchical organization and you want the organization to become more autonomous, allowing employees to decide their own salary sounds like a logical thing to do. But in my experience, this can be a difficult and complex challenge. Decisions about your own salary or raise are a real leap […]

Jun 18
Our white swan in the times of a black swan

When our Royal Airline KLM turned 100 years I wrote a blog “Bullshitting about your purpose is good too” about their ‘Fly responsibly’ advertising; I perceived this as something to push their brand without bringing it to the core of the organization as a higher purpose. Without rooting it, it would not be authentic and […]

Jun 05
Why all companies look alike

Our offices are spacious and inspiring, we develop a feedback culture, we sponsor charities, we cut management layers, we develop cultural programs and on top of that, we all have formulated a purpose and our personal why. Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that all companies compete with their competitors, want to be unique […]

Sep 15
Now this is what you call a Future of Work Toolbox

The internet is full of websites which are offering a toolbox, playbook or kit—each of them with their own focus. And we love them. Especially the toolboxes about the future of work There are so many definitions for toolboxes. Originally it is a box with tools for your DIY projects. But in our context, this […]

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