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Prototyping is the innovative way of evolving your organization by using small experiments, co-created by employees. You can start prototyping today and create immediate meaningful change together.

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Journey that got us here

For 30 years, we’ve worked at progressive organizations. This made us obsessed with peoplecentricity and simplifying complexity. We’ve learned the hard way that copying other organizations doesn’t give the best results. We started prototyping, so we could become that inspiring story ourselves. Now, we’ve developed a methodology based on our combined experience, so you can easily get started yourself!

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How Prototyping at Work helped others


To attract rare IT talent, Incentro’s management team wanted to increase the engagement of their employees and decided to introduce self-management. However, a top-down approach only led to frustration. Therefore, they chose a different approach: With the Prototyping.Work methodology, employees were allowed to take the lead and shape their own collaboration with small experiments. In the following months, engagement increased by 13.5%, and step-by-step, all teams introduced prototyping. Incentro has since become the #1 in the Great Place To Work ranking, which significantly helped their recruitment efforts.


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This hands-on guide will help you to really get started. The trilogy will tell you everything about how to prototype within your organization. Packed with tools, examples, and theory.

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Prototyping for Consultants and Agencies

We want all organizations to start prototyping. So we need you! We’re actively looking for more partners that want to add the Prototyping Work methodology to their portfolio. Through our extensive network, we help clients find the right partner for their needs, situation, and location.

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