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Employee satisfaction is just not enough to sustain and grow your business. Make ambassadors out of your employees so they experience the jow of working with you and start selling your business and recruit new employees as well.

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What is Prototyping?

Prototyping is a way of evolving an organization by using small but radical experiments. It will create forward movement in your teams. This unleashes energy and excitement within your organization and makes your changes tangible.

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Why Prototyping at work?

With prototyping, your company can make the transition to the future of work. You’ll become a more agile, innovative, and attractive employer.

Without prototyping, your transition most likely will end up as a massive project and many planned change measures. Such a big plan can become enormously complex and scary to start with.

Prototyping ensures that you dare to start your journey immediately because the initial step is small and results are quickly visible.

Ambassadors in a flex agency

Finding and retaining temporary workers is increasingly difficult for staffing agencies. This results in a lot of expensive recruitment efforts and difficult planning due to constant shortages. Temporary employment group People21 has a fresh vision of these challenges and wanted to do something about them. The question: How do we increase the job satisfaction of our temporary employees in order to bind them and how can we manage this in the future?

By using prototyping, the organization transformed step by step to a data-driven focus on job happiness among temporary workers. Using the Prototyping Work methodology provided a process, a method of continuous discovery and experimentation. Within six months, they achieved an increase in the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 59% among the temporary workers.


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How to

Get started

Use Our Methodology

Start small, start now. Read more about the methodology, download the Prototyping Canvas. It’s easy to start your first experiments yourself!

The People21 case

At People21 they increased job satisfaction of temporary employees, from “above average” to “excellent” which is unprecedented. It was only possible because of the combined approach of real-time data with the Prototyping Work method. Real-time data alone provides valuable insights but not yet change. Combined with the Prototyping Work method, the teams were able to translate the data into action. Through small, achievable experiments, the teams ended up making a huge impact for the temporary workers and People21. By integrating this into their daily work, they fully internalized the approach and focus on work happiness and the culture shift was achieved.


People21 is now able to steer on the work happiness of their temporary workers and predict, how their workforce will develop. By focusing on job satisfaction, they can better retain agency staff and attract new agency staff through ambassadors (NPS).

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