In 2016 Eva Naaijkens and Martin Bootsma started transforming a school (in troublesome waters at the time) into a school that nowadays is one of the leading examples in primary education in the Netherlands. They based their concept on the biography of Alan Turing, and named their transformed school after him. Their idea is as simple as it is effective; by making the teachers the center point of their perspective, and by creating an environment with clear direction and objectives, the empowered teachers to develop their own professionalism.

The results of their school are developing in a remarkable way, while managing to keep the group of teachers together. Especially in the Netherlands (with an alarming shortage of teachers) this has created a spotlight for their approach. Situated in Amsterdam, the epicenter of Dutch educational troubles, they have no vacancies.

In 2020, the Alan Turingschool was positioned as the number 1 Klassewerkplek of the Netherlands (best employer in primary education) based on votes by teachers themselves.

  • 11-50 employees
  • 2016
  • Educational
  • Primary/Secondary Education
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