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Ontdek wat Prototyping is en hoe het jou helpt om jouw organisatie te evolueren. Start met jouw eerste prototypes door gebruik te maken van onze evidence-based methodologie.

Wat is Prototyping?

Prototyping is a way of evolving an organization by using small but radical experiments. It will create forward movement in your teams. This unleashes energy and excitement within your organization and makes your changes tangible.

Waarom Prototyping op werk?

With prototyping, your company can make the transition to the future of work. You’ll become a more agile, innovative, and attractive employer.

Without prototyping, your transition most likely will end up as a massive project and many planned change measures. Such a big plan can become enormously complex and scary to start with.

Prototyping ensures that you dare to start your journey immediately because the initial step is small and results are quickly visible.

Wat je nog meer moet weten

First, it’s important to realize that prototyping is not a project, but a process. By following the Prototyping Work methodology, you develop constant incremental changes. How radical and fast you can go through this process, is dictated by your organizational structure (how much autonomy do you have now?). But one thing is for sure: tangible results are inevitable.

Secondly, start small with experimenting in your personal work environment, then expand into other teams and if all goes well, you can change your department and organization for the better. By designing small experiments, you co-create your ideal way of organizing together, in a way that works for you. This way you don’t just apply best practices from progressive companies like Spotify or Zappos. Instead, you’ll create your own best practices, tailored to your current situation and organization.

How to

Get started

Use Our Methodology

Start small, start now. Read more about the methodology, download the Prototyping Canvas, and buy our Workbooks. It’s easy to start your first experiments yourself!

Train Yourself And Your Team

Tried a couple of things and want more? Just get your certification and learn how to articulate better tensions and design effective prototypes.

...and Scale

Your whole organization can become progressive now. Start the change by implementing the methodology in more teams. Reaching your goals even faster!

Meer hulp nodig om te starten ?

Bekijk onze Prototyping tasters!

Onze Prototyping Tasters zijn digitale sessies waarin je de methodologie zelf kunt ervaren, alleen of met jouw team. We nemen je op een energieke manier mee in wat de methodologie voor jou kan betekenen.

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