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This makes employees happy at work. And other great TED talks

I just stumbled upon a new playlist by TED, called The Way We Work. A series of video’s where leaders and thinkers share their practical wisdom with the rest of the world. In the short formatted video, they take on topics like Employee Happiness, Trust, Whole Self, and Leadership. In every video clip, they list several topics you can work on, very useful. I want to point out this specific one by Michael C. Bush, CEO of the company called “Great Place To Work’. Starting with some number why you, as a company,  want to focus on the happiness of your employees. And then he points out four ideas you can work on:

  1. Trust & Respect create a workplace for trust and respect.
  2. Fairness, Employees want to be treated with fairness. So stop with perks for higher levels of management or with a gap between the salary of men and women.
  3. Listen, not just active listening. But being humble as a leader and genuine want to learn from your employees.
  4. Talk about change, and actually do change. The time of talking without doing is over. You only create a happy workplace if you actually change.

You’ll find the other video’s in the series of ‘The Way We Work’ on TED.com. Enjoy! 

How do you make your employees happy?

We shared this video and a couple of practices as some inspiration to start with. But there are a lot of practices to think to make work a better place. So what do you do to make your employees happy?

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