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Employee experience is a worker’s observations and perceptions about his or her employment at a particular company. Experience is often influenced by the company’s physical workspace, the work-life balance the company provides and technology that enables productivity and technology.

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Blogposts about Employee Experience

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About Employee Experience & Engagement

The employee experience encapsulates all that people encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey at an organization. It’s an expansive view of the relationship between the individual and the organization, starting with the application process and continuing through to the day the individual exits the business and even beyond to when they join the organization’s alumni.

The sheer diversity of experiences that fall within this journey – from interviewing and onboarding, through training and development and eventually exit – means that the employee experience is not static. In fact, it can vary from day to day. Because of this, it’s useful to think about employee experience in terms of key milestones in the employee lifecycle. While all organizations are unique, they typically share these common experiences: candidates, onboarding, training, exiting, alumni. Source: CultureAmp.

Each step in the employee lifecycle can be an important lever impacting both culture and performance. Asking for feedback at each key milestone helps organizations to understand how they’re supporting their employees to be successful, and where they need to do more.

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