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At Prototyping.work we are on a mission to Accelerate the world’s transition to the Future of Work. We cannot and don’t want to do that on our own. We do that with our valued partners. Every single partner is unique and brings valuable expertise and experience to the table. We have partners worldwide in various regions, and different partner types. Explore them, reach out to them, and select a partner you want to work with.

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They all are Curious, Positive, Brave.

All our partners Are the Change. They signed the Prototyping.work Manifesto. Learn more about our Manifesto.

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You are specialized in the Future of Work, and have a lot of experience in this space. You want to make impact on the world around you. And you are breathing our prototyping way of transforming. What are you waiting for, learn how you can become an expert.

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Jun 18
Our white swan in the times of a black swan

When our Royal Airline KLM turned 100 years I wrote a blog “Bullshitting about your…

Jun 05
Why all companies look alike

Our offices are spacious and inspiring, we develop a feedback culture, we sponsor…

Sep 26
Hey Manager, stop using carrots or sticks!

Employee motivation with fake promises or fear? How to motivate employees? As a…

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