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Why we love Check-ins

Meetings, we cannot live without them. But that doesn’t mean we love them. Upgrade your next meeting with a check-in round. Start the meeting with a Check-in question and experience the benefits of the Check-in rounds. This why we love Check-in rounds.

Creating safety

The number one ingredient for high performing teams is psychological safety. An environment of honesty and a safe feeling. Where you dare to share your mistakes (/failures). Where you trust each other, to have the right intention. Creating more safety by starting the day/meeting with a Check-in Question.

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Get everyone present

You’ve got a busy day, hopping from one meeting to another. Or you’ve hit a traffic jam on your way to work. A Check-in round provides a way to get everyone physically and (more important) mentally present in the meeting.

Get to know each other

Whether you are a newly formed team, or an established one. There is always room to get to know each other a bit better. With every check-in question, you are going to get to know your team members a little bit better. And it’s fun doing it. 

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Setting the right tone

With the right Check-in question, you can set the tone for the purpose of the meeting. Whether you want a discussion, brainstorm, making decisions, or define your next strategy. Set the tone with a well chosen Check-In question.

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How do check-ins work

Meetings, we cannot live without them. But that doesn’t mean we love them. Upgrade your next meeting with a check-in round. Start the meeting with a Check-in question to get every participant present in the meeting. But it’s also a powerful tool to set the tone of the meeting, whether it’s a serious, creative or an informative meeting. 

1. Pick a Check-in question from the database or the app, that suits your needs.

2. If it’s the first time, explain the purpose of the Check-in round. And if it helps, start with answering the question yourself, to get the ball rolling. 

3. Make sure that everyone participates, either in order around the circle or at random.

4. If everyone is checked-in, the check-in round is over. And the rest of the meeting will start. 

Use this technique in every (team) meeting from now on. And little by little you’ll get to know your team mates, and grow psychological safety at the same time.

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