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Start with the Prototyping.Work practitioner certification, or dive deeper with the Prototyping.Work trainer certification.

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Lisette Bohne

Energetic and enlightening, those are the two words that come to mind first. takes you through all facets of change management using practical examples. Let the angry birds come!

Lisette Bohne, Consultant

Koen Jansen

Prototyping works for me! It enables me to make a change step-by-step through continous learning by experimenting! This training gave me new ideas, insights plus a lot of energy! I highly recommend it!

Koen Jansen, Consultant

Why the Certification

Learn prototyping

The training will bring you a methodology and framework, so you can change faster.

Facilitate teams

Help teams to maximize their potential. Create a way to change and improve constantly.

Identify tensions

Teach how you will get the most pressing tensions from your team. Create a culture of trust.

Best prototypes

Teach how to help your team with creating the best prototypes to tackle tensions and maximize results.

Choose Your Track

Choose Your Track

We offer different tracks. Start with the basics in the practitioner training, learn how to facilitate the methodology at large, or take a leap and become a trainer yourself!



This training is the first step of bringing the methodology to practice. See how it works and understand what it can bring you and your professional environment.


This training will prepare you to coach your team towards the rhythm of change. You will be able to facilitate the sessions and implement the methodology into a team.


The training will prepare you to train new prospects to become a practitioner. You will be able to facilitate the training and get the prospects ready to be certified.

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Your trainers

Edwin van der Geest


We will create an adventure you will not forget! This taster is fully hands-on. We will focus on your own case (tension), so you really will work on a prototype that you can use in your working life! By working together with your peers, you will not only understand, but you experience the power of the methodology!

Edwin van der Geest
Ben MacKenzie


Powerful and energetic. You won’t have time to check your e-mail. Not only because you do not have time to do it, but because you don’t want to! You will stay connected throughout the whole session, tasting the power of the methodology. It will be a feast!

Ben MacKenzie
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