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59% NPS increase among agency workers in 6 months by prototyping

Summary Finding and retaining temporary workers are increasingly difficult for staffing agencies. The result is a lot of expensive recruitment efforts and difficult planning due to constant shortages. Temporary employment group People21 has a fresh vision of these challenges and wanted to do something about them. The question: How do we increase the job satisfaction

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May 12
Welcome to The Rookie Minds as our first Partner

We’ve got something great to share with you. We are expanding our impact. Not in the traditional sense, by adding new employees. But by creating an ecosystem. An ecosystem with experts, progressive organizations, partners, and member. All this is driven by the mission to accelerate world’s transition to the future of work. And for that […]

Feb 04
Self-organized to 100% customer satisfaction

There is something about this company. This is the thought repeating in the head of Ilja Heitlager from Schuberg Philis now almost 11 years ago. The current CIO (the I stands for Innovation) tells about his first connection with the company. He shares with us why he wanted to work at this company so desperately, […]

Jan 31
Explore the most progressive organizations in the world

Everybody is talking about Zappos, Semco, and Netflix as progressive organizations to work. We love to hear about them, and the media is writing about them a lot. But these cases don’t fit all companies. We are also interested in other stories as well. Stories from local organizations, companies that have different company sizes, and […]

Dec 22
The 2019 year in review

What a year it has been. In the holidays around Christmas, it all started with an idea. ‘What if there was an Airbnb like platform, but then for practices, you can use to reinvent the way you work’. That idea got me so excited that I bought the domain name, installed WordPress and implemented […]

Nov 29
This self-managed company moved to a new office, with all 50 employees involved

Imagine, you’re entering an old office building. From the outside a historic building, on the inside, it wasn’t all that pretty anymore. After you entered the building, you see lots of colours, a suspended ceiling, and a counter. If you walk up the stairs onto the next floor, you see nothing more than desks and […]

Nov 22
Top 5 free personality tests for employees

A balanced team A well-balanced team makes all the difference in the world. Just a team of star players is never going to be a high performing team. And a well-balanced team of average players can outperform every other team. Are your employees adding value to each other? Do they all bring something different to […]

Oct 22
Infographic on How to start prototyping your work

The gap between the desired situation and the current situation in your organization can feel enormous. So the natural reflex is to make a plan on how to get there. However, by creating a plan, you cannot anticipate the possible obstacles to come. What if you use the methods from the innovation department? Creating a […]

Oct 15
This company moves beyond Holacracy to meet its purpose

It was a rainy afternoon in October when we landed in Papendrecht (the Netherlands) with our Responsive Org Meetup community. We visited a small company trying to speed up the transition in the Oil and Gas industry, nd they do so in a remarkable way. We visited NRG Circles and learned a ton and got […]

Sep 29
How to start prototyping in your organization [updated]

It’s not always easy to start a change in an organization. Especially in a huge organization with lots of hierarchical layers. How do we get all the employees to embrace the change? How can we handle the communications? Just 2 (of a lot of) questions that need to be answered. But change can be easy(/easier) […]

Sep 26
Hey Manager, stop using carrots or sticks!

Employee motivation with fake promises or fear? How to motivate employees? As a manager or leader of a team, there are multiple ways to motivate employees. Some are sensitive to some pressure; some need a pat on the back. Another way is motivating employees by using fear, or promising things can work for the short […]

Sep 18
This company is going full force with experiments, and you can do too

The Netherlands. A small and flat country, but with so many inspiring companies with progressive ways of working. With Buurtzorg, Incentro and Schuberg Philis with their bossless operations. Or Springest, and Viisi with their Holacracy implementations, to name a few. They all had their fair share of experiments. They are not an exception in The Netherlands […]

Sep 15
Now this is what you call a Future of Work Toolbox

The internet is full of websites which are offering a toolbox, playbook or kit—each of them with their own focus. And we love them. Especially the toolboxes about the future of work There are so many definitions for toolboxes. Originally it is a box with tools for your DIY projects. But in our context, this […]

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