You have to change, doing things as you did before will keep you behind and hold your company back. Your peers are overtaking you because they have a more flexible structure, really engaged employees or are more innovative. Be the change, start now!

Don't be a copy cat

We see all kinds of progressive organizations around us. These are perfect cases to get inspiration from. But your company isn’t the same as these organizations. Your context is different, your culture is different, your market is different.

Don’t try to copy their way of working, their structure or culture one on one. This will be as effective as selling something completely different from one day to another.

Understand that these organizations didn’t use a revolution to become where they are now. They didn’t just implement their culture, way of working or structure from one day to another. These organizations experimented all the way to what they are now.

You are unique

Understand that you are unique, so create your own unique experimental way to reach your goals. Don’t copycat, but use their learnings while you are doing this along the way.

Big changes will throw you back and will make your people less engaged. We don’t believe in revolutions, reorganizations. We believe in getting there by evolution, step by step.

Experiment and prototype to your own unique progressive future of work. But use the knowledge! We have many practices from the most progressive organizations. Experiments which helped these companies to get where the are now.

Be the change

It’s difficult to change a whole organization. This is why we developed our methodology. A new way of evolution. Taking small experimental steps to your goals, your purpose. Not driven by management or directors, but initiated by every employee in the company.

This isn’t a new way of working like scrum, this isn’t a framework like agile. This is something bigger which will bring all these hypes together and make you use the aspects of these methods that will fit your company the best. Even if new methods are introduced, keep using our methodology to use this new knowledge to experiment and grow.

The only way to change is to change constantly. This will be the last organizational change you will need. Let your organization thrive, be the change.

Start Small,
Start Now

The best thing is: we use our own way of thinking to implement this methodology. It doesn’t have to take a revolution to start with the methodology. Start the evolution.

Get trained to use the methodology or get a specialized coach who can introduce you and guide you through the first process. Get inspired by our practice, order our book or just read more about the methodology and how it works.

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Get familiar with the way of changing your way of working. Change your organization in a fast pace and experiencing way. Dive deeper in methodology.

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Get Certified

Wether you are starting and want to get familiar with the method, or you are an expert with years of experience in facilitating change. We have a certification for you.

Get a Coach

Do you like to start using our methodology, but you are not sure how and where to begin? You can start by searching for a coach who can help you further. Use our extensive network of partners.

Read Our Manifesto

What do you need to make this methodology work? When is it most effective? 

Read, download and live our manifesto and become the change!

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