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Prototyping Work is an initiative of Edition, an organization design firm with the purpose to unleash potential energy!


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Our story

In the last couple of years, we’ve been helping clients with organizational change and have found the most successful way is by prototyping changes (improvements), but people often find it hard to understand unless they see a couple examples. 

That’s why we started Prototyping.work: to inspire people to prototype improvements in their organizations by creating a platform for real life examples of organizational prototypes. Let us know what you think via our contact page and learn more about our story in this blog post: why we started this platform.

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Our Team

Before Edwin founded his own company, Edition, he was Managing Director at a Dutch IT company called Incentro, where he transformed one of the offices into a self-managed company. He truly believes that it’s possible to unleash potential energy by (re)designing the organization with the latest principles. His wife, Lisanne (they met each other at Incentro), is a so-called Data Driven Experience Designer. Both of them help organizations in their expertise by prototyping.

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